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February 01 2015
Almost all colleges have either an E-sports club or a LoL club for you—the casual or competitive player—to participate in. If yours doesn’t, create one! Arizona State University created its E-sports club (mainly Starcraft 2) a few years ago with only a handful of members. A year later a LoL club was created too, with weekly meet ups in a lecture room the school was kind enough to allocate on Saturdays. Up to 100 people came every weekend to play and compete in the occasional fun tournament, which organizers will find Riot is always willing to provide RP prizes and giveaways for.

As a more competitive player, I joined the ASU LoL team, composed of 5 players. We had only a manager/sub, no analysts/coaches/investors like serious teams today do. A few weeks after our formation, we managed to win or place highly in both Ivylol and CSL tournaments, granting us a spot in the IPL 6 (later cancelled) challenger circuit and a spot in the LCS Spring Promotion tournament. Although we didn’t make it into LCS, we had a lot of fun in the process and I’m glad I met everyone on the team.

In the current competitive environment it’s unlikely for a college team to exceed mid-tier challenger level, due to the limited talent pool and busy schedules. The major advantage of a college team is the proximity—you’re able to meet up and analyze replays together, a luxury usually afforded to serious teams with gaming houses or analysts with streaming capabilities.

If you love playing League of Legends and being involved in your community, reach out to your college League of Legends player base to meet new friends and potential teammates.

Chris Thornton
Professional Coach
Member of Collegiate League
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November 18 2014
First off, welcome to Easyboosts!

Founded on October 10, 2011, Easyboosts has been a premier boosting company for over three years. With some of the top players in the world, we're known to have the best services around. If you're looking to improve your game, you've come to the right place!

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If you have any questions, concerns, feedback, etc don't hesitate to get contact us!

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